One that fits your budget and is known to be of good quality!

We also highly recommend any of the engines from the Jeep platforms, as they have many provisions that work well with swaps. The Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7/6.1/6.4 and 6.2's are very versitile in the swap world!

Sorry, we are not able to provide wiring diagrams to individuals due to our Intellectual Property (IP) protection policies. We ARE however, happy to assist any of our existing customers with troubleshooting their products purchased from Sublime Technologies.

While we try to grow our portfolio of offerings, we usually look to the customer base to recommend which harnesses they would like to see.

As of right now, we know that a QuickRun Harness will not be available for 2013-2023 Ram Classic trucks. This is due mostly to their TIPM integrated design, which is not complimentary to the QuickRun design model. Coming soon for that application will be a full standalone harness only.

Unfortunately, no.

Troubleshooting harnesses not manufactured by us has historically created a large strain on our internal resources, which ultimately impacts our ability to service customers. While we love to help anyone in need, it is just not feasible at this time.

Unfortunately, Not at this time.

Much like harnesses built by individuals outside of our facility, diagnosing and troubleshooting leads to a severe strain on our internal resources and the ability to service our customers.

P.S. If you bought your 03-08 Hemi harness from "Swomp Smeshialties" *wink wink* You are probably missing the starter command wire on pin 30 of the black C1 ECM connector. You are welcome. :)

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