For those of you that have been around the GenIII Hemi swap game long enough, you may have hard a thing or two about us as the former DIYHEMI. 

In the beginning, was a resource website, dedicated to sharing technical details learned while building engine swap harnesses. It included pinouts, connector identifications and general tips for persons to get their engines running when swapped into a vehicle of their choice. For you car nuts out there, it was similar to, but for Hemi guys. 

As time progressed, it was evident that more of a void existed in the Hemi swap game than we had ever imagined. This lead to a snowballing of progress that we never really expected. From the DIYHEMI YouTube channel and online technical support to ultimately manufacturing engine swap components, it has been a wild ride!

Sublime Technologies and is nothing more than a continuation of that same desire to grow and provide value to people of the automotive community. While the name is new, our ideologies are not. We put people and quality first, profits second. 

Thank you for joining us on this adventure and allowing us to support you with your engine swap needs. It has truly been an honor to serve.